While I have many ideas that I think would make for good TV, the one that I am focused on currently is a
concept for a Paranormal Investigation Show. The intent is to create a documentary style show with
an emphasis on scientific data and research.

I am working towards gathering a group of professionals; investigators, researchers, evidence reviewers
and equipment technicians to form a team that will travel to various locations and investigate reports of paranormal activity. The show is based on the scientific principle, proper research techniques, and the gathering of historical data. These techniques will be combined with cutting-edge technology to capture evidence of paranormal activity or prove that alleged activity is not paranormal in nature. To take a look at the job descriptions, visit the Paranormal Investigation Show page.

I am also trying to find investors to help with the funding needed to turn this concept into a reality. I have multiple investment opportunities involving the Paranormal Investigation Show. They range from the development and manufacture of specialized equipment, video production costs and logistical issues.
Additional information about these opportunities can be provided upon request.
E -mail me at george@manicmonkeymedia.com for more information.


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