Marketing Services for Small Businesses
  • • Brand Consulting: A logo is symbol of your brand, but branding goes so much deeper. Your brand is about how customers feel about you and your product or service. Providing quality customer relations before, during and after a sale is as important as the message that you want to convey to current and prospective clients. We can help you evaluate your brand, update your image, and plan for the future.

  • • Image Consulting: Your image is how the world perceives you and how the world assumes that you perceive yourself. Your message depends on the quality, reliability and precision of your image. We will help you cultivate your individual or corporate style so that you are able to present your message professionally to the world.

  • • Issue Management: We can create and implement a communications plan (internal and external) for a wide variety of issues, including environmental compliance investigations, operational expansions or reduction and many more.

  • • Marketing Consulting: We can help you with market research, review & analysis that will help to identify your target audience and provide you with a marketing plan that will guide you in reaching them. This will explain the most effective ways to present your product or service to your target demographic to help you increase the amount of business that you do.

  • • Media Relations: We can develop a communications plan and a media relations strategy for an upcoming announcement or a major crisis. We can also provide you with a spokesperson or provide coaching for your own spokesperson.

    • • Presentations: Do you have an idea for a project that you need to turn into a presentation? We can take your ideas and create a professional. Presentations will be produced in Microsoft PowerPoint, but let us know if you have specific technology requirements.
    • Web Presence: In today’s marketplace, your presence in the Internet is as important to you as your physical storefront. It is all the more important if you do not have an actual storefront. We work with you to develop an Internet and intranet strategy, secure a domain name, host your site, as well as write and edit copy for your site.

Creative Services

• Writing: From creative writing to technical writing, we can provide you with a wide variety of content needs. We are able to perform research, conduct interviews and investigate any topic to produce an organized and thorough product. We can also guide an abstract concept to a finished product.

• Game Development: Have an idea for a role-playing game, either tabletop or live action? We can help you develop a game system and rules to make your idea into a reality. From design to submission, or even self-publishing, we are here to help.


How it all works

We charge an hourly rate that is determined by the specific type of work that we perform. We will provide you with a quote for approval before we begin any work. We often use subcontractors to minimize our overhead expenses and keep our costs as low as possible. You will approve any subcontractor fees before we engage them and you will be given the option to pay subcontractors directly, or have us bill you for the subcontractor’s labors.


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