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Your business’ newest tool in marketing and design is Manic Monkey Media.

Our goal is to offer small businesses and non-profit organizations in the North Country an opportunity to affordably market their business without sacrificing quality.

We have multiple opportunities in the development stage of a Paranormal Investigation Show (i.e. equipment
development and manufacture, video production and logistics) as well as opportunities
with The Age of Heroes: A Live Action Role-Playing Game (i.e. props and equipment, location and logistics). Additional information about these opportunities can be provided upon request.
Just e-mail me at or for more information.

There is also a need for qualified people to make up the team for the Paranormal Investigation Show.
I am looking for professional researchers, investigators, evidence reviewers and equipment technicians to
create a team of qualified professionals that will travel to different locations and investigate reports of
paranormal activity. The concept for the show is based on use of the scientific principle, proper research
techniques, historical data about the site and the use of new equipment that I am working on having manufactured
to either capture hard data of paranormal activity or prove that perceived activity is not paranormal in nature.
If you are a professional who is interested in the idea, please contact me at and ask for more information.


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